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RI Chemical Corporation is a trusted player in the synthetic resins industry. With over 50 years of tradition in chemical manufacturing, RI Chem ensures the quality and safety of its products, plants and processes, creating value for its customers and other stakeholders.

RI Chem serves several essential industries such as paint, ink, plywood and woodworking, handicraft, furniture, foundry, adhesives and fiberglass reinforced plastics.

Original Kettle at Pasig Plant
Circa 1958

It is committed to building a winning organization that fosters excellence and creativity, and to partnering with stakeholders in safeguarding the community and environment as it adheres to the principles of sustainable development.

Nov 24, 2014
EFO Asia Secures PHL Patent for Making Eco-Friendly Fuel
EFO Asia Secures PHL Patent for Making Eco-Friendly Fuel
Jan 13, 2014
Attention: UST Architecture Majors Joining Building with PF Plywood and LVL Contest
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