Acrylic Resins for automotive and appliance baked and air-dry enamels, decorative concrete finishes, can coatings, etc.
Emulsions for interior and exterior paints, matte, gloss and semi-gloss finishes.
Epoxy Resins and Esters for cold set and baked chemical resistant coatings and primers, can coatings, varnishes and air-dry primers.
Modified and Unmodified Rosin Esters for letter-press, offset and flexo inks, and wooden lacquers.
Phenolic and/or Rosin Modified Alkyd Resins for quick-drying enamels and primers, transport enamels, marine paints, road marking paints, etc.
Polyamide Resins for cold set and baked enamels and primers and flexographic inks.
Processed Vegetable Oil and Varnishes for architectural paints, primers, printing inks, aluminum finishes, marine paints and insulating varnishes.
Pure Alkyd Resins for architectural (decorative) paints, enamels, primers, road marking paints, baked enamels, automotive and wood lacquers, etc.
Saturated Polyesters for coil coatings of metals for building construction, for polyurethane varnishes used on wood floors.
Vinyl and Urethane Modified Alkyd Resins for can coatings, decorative wood floor finishes, etc.
Formaldehyde for the manufacture of plywood adhesives and resins for coatings.