for letter-press, offset and flexo inks, and wooden lacquers.
Rosin esters are reaction products of rosins and polyols such as glycerine and pentaerythritol. They are used essentially in general-purpose varnishes, nitrocellulose lacquers, sealers, and as hardeners for alkyds. They are also used as tackifying agents for emulsion adhesives. Modification with maleic anhydride or fumaric acid improves their bodying rates, speed of dry and other properties. These resins are called maleic or fumaric resins. They are used to produce high grade lacquers, overprint varnishes, printing inks and film-hardening components in alkyds. Further modification with phenolic resins vastly improves bodying rates and drying properties with resulting increase in water, alkali and chemical resistance. These resins are used in the manufacture of letterpress and offset inks.

Phenolic-modified rosin ester
  • Oil varnishes for letter press & offset inks
Maleic resin
  • Wood and furniture lacquers
  • Modifier for alkyds to harden film
  • Alcohol soluble resin for flexo inks
  • Wood and furniture lacquers
Ester gum
  • Wood and furniture lacquers
  • Modifer for alkyds to harden film
  • Wood and furniture lacquers
Limed rosin
  • Gravure inks