for architectural paints, primers, printing inks, aluminum finishes, marine paints and insulating varnishes.
Processed oils are polymerized oils made by heating refined oil at high temperatures. Where excellent color and low acidity are important, the oil is processed under a blanket of inert gas at a temperature of about 300°C. Polymerized oils have faster drying time than unprocessed oils. This is due to the formation of larger molecules rather than to partial oxidation of the oil. Varnishes are essentially processed from oils and resins under heat to achieve certain physical and chemical properties. They dry by solvent evaporation and leave the oil-resin combination to solidify by a combination of oxidation and polymerization. These drying reactions arer accelerated by catalytic action of the driers present in the film.

Bodied Linseed Oil
  • House paints, primers and printing inks
  • For bodying house paints
Blown Linseed Oil
  • House paints plasticizers for NC lacquers
Alkydized Oil
  • Stain varnishes
Hydrocarbon varnish
  • Bright aluminum finishes
Phenolic-Tung oil varnish
  • Marine finishes and insulating varnishes