Jan 6, 2010
Mr. Meneleo Carlos, Jr., RI Chem President, has challenged associates to put themselves into a more inquisitive learning mode, keeping an open mind to listen and learn from others to be able to examine and tap opportunities as local firms gear up for further trade liberalization and stiffer competition in 2010. ” Keeping a learning mode perspective has been a strength of this company, enabling it to grow all these years,” he said.

In an inspirational message delivered during the flag raising ceremony on January 4, 2010, Mr. Carlos spoke about the strength of the company during its early years of existence referring to how associates were in a learning mode. This was ” important because people who are in the learning mode, like honest students, have an open mind to listen and to learn fro others; honest because they are sincerely interested in putting these ideas into practice,” he said.
Another piece of advice he shared with associates was what his mother considered the secret of success, “ you must be better today than you were yesterday.” This requires a mindset of life-long learning, accumulating knowledge and skills through readings, observations and practice.

During the early years of Resins Inc, MJC also recalled how his father Meneleo Carlos, and elder brother, Tony Carlos, provided associates the virtue of dynamism by always practicing the saying, ” do not do tomorrow what you can do today.

As we welcome a decade into the 21st century, MJC said, ” let us all be young again and be in a more inquisitive mode; let us be better today than we were yesterday; and let us not do tomorrow what we can do today.”

2010 is full of opportunities and challenges that RI Chem needs to address to ensure future growth. Mr. Carlos called on associates to face regional and bilateral trade pacts that will allow the entry of more imports with 0% tariff and export of more Philippine goods by offering better technologies, products and practices. With global warming, he said, RI Chem is well positioned as CTNI, its subsidiary, pursues greener technologies and higher productiveness.