Jun 10, 2009
Mr. Meneleo Carlos, Jr. (MJC), president of Resins Inc., says promoting and buying Filipino products will benefit not only Philippine industries, but also our future and us.
“ By buying our own products, we can help address unemployment and show our love for our future and for our country,” Mr. Carlos stressed during the launching of the Buy Pinoy Buy Local Movement at the Club Filipino on June 10, 2009. The Federation of Philippine Industries and the Filipino-Chinese Chambers of Commerce and Industry Inc are pursuing this initiative.
Officials from both organizations, some members of Congress including former senator Bobby Tanada, and representatives of industries, labor, NGOs and educational institutions attended the affair, which featured some presentations on the movement’s objectives and plan of action.
Senator Tanada and Congressman Satur Ocampo said their constituencies are ready to support the promotion of Filipino products.
Congressman Teddy Casino has called on government to support in earnest a congressional resolution passed in February 2009, which urges the economic managers of NEDA and similar bodies to reorient the economy towards strengthening local industries and modernizing agriculture. He said that government support could come by promoting this movement.
In his closing remarks, MJC stressed the need for Philippine industries to produce quality and safe products that could be competitive in the world market.
FPI president Jess Arranza also called on the Department of Trade to implement a matching program whereby it could provide local companies a list of imported products and ask them if they could produce these here.