May 4, 2009
Mr. Fortune C. Ilaya, AVP for sales and marketing, leaves for Israel on May 17, 2009 to pay a visit to five RI Chem customers based in Haifa and follow through new business opportunities as the company grows its export market there.
Part of his trip will include extensive discussion with the company agent, Dr. Gil F. Katz who has established a business relationship with RI Chem since the early 90s following his trip to Manila and meetings with Mr. Ernesto E. Lichauco, vice prsident.
Mr. Ilaya will meet officials of the R&D, Technical and Purchasing Departments of five paint companies to include Tambour, Kolibir, Epolac, Isralak and Nirlat.
In 2008, RI Chem exported more than 15% of its solvent-based coating resins to Israel. Mr. Ilaya is optimistic that our export volume will increase as the company is developing new products with some of these companies.
Our biggest shipment goes to Kolibir, which specializes in traffic paints. All highways in Israel are painted using RI Chem’s resins. Kolibir used to buy their resins from European suppliers, however, decided to shift its order to RI Chem.
Tambour is the top player in Israel’s paint industry, and a reliable RI Chem customer since 2007. Tambour and Nirlat are strong in both the architectural and industrial branches of the paint business.
Mr. Ilaya will stay for a week in Haifa, northern part of Israel that borders South Lebanon, and a one and-a-half hour plane ride from Tel Aviv, the country’s capital. His last customer visit there was in November 2007.