Jan 21, 2009

RI Chemical Corporation’s advertisement was featured in the UK-based Euroasia industry magazine’s first issue for 2009, which reported on companies from across the industrial spectrum including energy, construction, oil and gas, mining engineering and utilities.

The advertisement together with an advertorial was placed within the article featuring Tambour, the top player in Israel’s paint industry, and a reliable RI Chem customer since 2007. Tambour is very strong in both the architectural and industrial branches of the paint business, its CEO, Michael Dayan, said in an interview with the magazine’s editorial staff.

In the seven-page article entitled “ Innovation in Colour,” Mr. Dayan cited several reasons for Tambour’s preeminent position in the Israeli paint industry, namely:

Tambour creates solutions tailored to the needs of each group of customers separately, recognizing those solutions must take into account more than one set of interests. Decisions regarding paints and other materials are subject to the opinions and ideas of the customer.
Because the customer in the market for architectural paints is interested in trends, Tambour is very much interested in fashion. Each year, it prepares six sets of trend information to cater to each end user’s preferences.

Tambour exhibits continuing interests in the customers’ needs beyond paint.
Professionalism of Tambour’s team is very high, believing in their customers and developing excellent relationships. The company’s expansions into the supply of other building materials such as full line of liquid and powder adhesives, adhesives for paper and wood, all types of materials for ceilings, joint fillers, acrylic emulsion binders, was a natural result of the high level of service Tambour offers its customers.

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