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EFO Asia Secures PHL Patent for Making Eco-Friendly Fuel

Dec 18, 2015

Wood Industry Is the Savior of the World
The public must be told that “the wood industry is the savior of the world,” declared Resins Inc.

Nov 24, 2014

EFO Asia Secures PHL Patent for Making Eco-Friendly Fuel
EFO Asia Secures PHL Patent for Making Eco-Friendly Fuel
Nov 24, 2014


EFO Asia Pte. Ltd., the joint venture company between Resins Inc. and the Venezuela-based Energy and Petroleum Consultants (EPC), has secured a 20-year letters patent in the Philippines for its process for making “highly viscous hydrocarbon in water emulsions, “a raw material for the company’s environmentally friendly product, mulsified fuel oil or EFO.
The approved patent application was signed by EFO Asia General Manager and Resins Inc. Consultant Alberto L. Hilado, agent for the patent owner, Dr. Hercilio J. Rivas, who gave the legal authority to EPC to utilize the patent, and to Mr. Hilado to be his legal representative in the Philippines.
The patent, applied for in 2007, was signed by Intellectual Property Philippines Director of Patents Epifanio M. Evasco. It grants the owner the “exclusive right throughout the Philippines to make, use, sell or import the invention and where the invention is or includes a process, including the product obtained directly or indirectly from such a process.”
EFO is a highly economical alternative to bunker oil which is used in factories and power plants. “This fuel will enable the plants to significantly reduce their toxic emissions and comply with the strict standards of the Clean Air Act at a highly affordable cost,” stressed Mr. Hilado.
“No company constantly violating the Clean Air Act can continue its operation in the long run. There is a worldwide trend in which people have realized the very negative effects of environmental pollution on public health. Thus, we are offering EFO as a viable solution to this very important concern of the manufacturing sector,” he added.
Mr. Hilado said that the acquisition of the patent after seven years was wonderful news, adding that it will greatly help the company in its negotiations with oil companies as prospective clients for the adoption of the fuel.
“Now that the prices of petroleum products have gone down, the use of EFO will result in a more cost-competitive and clean power generation,” noted Mr. Hilado.
EFO Asia was established in 2007. EPC, established in Caracas, supplies the technical expertise for EFO production, having acquired the technology developed by emulsion technology pioneers in Venezuela.