Claveria Tree Nursery Inc (CTNI)

CTNI was established in April 2006 to operate nurseries for the propagation of seedlings by cloning and other means of seedling production, from well-selected mother trees of various fast growing tree species. Its nursery is located in Gumaod, Claveria Misamis Oriental.


It envisions to contribute to the conservation and renewal of Philippine forests and help improve the long-term economic returns of tree growers and the supply of good quality wood to processing mills. Its nurseries are located in Gumaod, Claveria, Misamis Oriental.


Among the tree species CTNI is cloning for commercial purpose include Gmelina Arborea (Gmelina), Acacia Mangium (Mangium) and Eucalyptus Deglupta (Bagras) and Paraserianthes Falcataria (Falcata).


MC Shipping Corporation

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Established in 1991, MC Shipping Corporation provides charter-hire vessels for the bulk transport of plywood adhesives. It owns two marine vessels, PCMW @ and PICMW 2, that transport the wood adhesives and related products to the depots in Butuan, Davao, Zamboanga and to Pasig for the plywood mills in Luzon.