Jan 25, 2011
Resins Inc. celebrated over five decades as a trusted player in the Philippines’ resins industry as well as in pesticides and other related businesses by commemorating its 55th anniversary last December 15, 2010 at the Wack Wack Country Club.

“We’ve Got Chemistry!” was the theme of the joyous occasion, which was attended by top Resins officials led by its president, Meneleo J. Carlos, Jr., and some 300 past and present employees of Resins.

Resins General Manager Carolina R. Carlos said that for 55 years, Resins Inc. has had “great chemistry” with its customers, because “we understand and anticipate their needs . . . and they are comfortable entrusting their businesses to us.”

She also said Resins Inc. has “good products backed by superior chemistry, and every kilogram of product sold through our 55 years of business will attest to this!”
And finally, she noted that the Resins workforce has chemistry as a community, “engaged by a common vision and mission of service to society, held together by the binder of shared values, namely integrity, candor, professionalism, teamwork, and dynamism.”

The anniversary party was like a grand homecoming of Resins Inc. “alumni” over the years, with topnotch, nostalgic entertainment provided by Willie Nepomuceno and the Spirit of ’67 band.

Resins was incorporated in December 15, 1955 by Meneleo Carlos Sr. and his son Meneleo Jr., together with Manuel Gonzalez, Senen Gabaldon, Pedro Syquia and Ernesto Rufino. The Resins Pasig plant started operating in 1958, and in 1961, production began in the formaldehyde plant, the first ever in Southeast Asia.

In 1969, Resins completed construction of its complex in Jasaan, Misamis Oriental. The next year, the subsidiary Philippine Iron Construction and Marine Works (PICMW) was established to build ships to deliver glue to Mindanao.

In 1980, Resins established a joint venture with Ayala Corporation, Integrated Microelectronics, Inc., which today is one of the world’s top 50 electronics manufacturing service providers. Its second joint venture was in 1985 with Japan’s Ishihara Sangyo Kaisha Ltd. (ISK), AVC Chemical Corporation, which manufactures agricultural pesticides and herbicides.

AVC Chem celebrated its 25th anniversary last November 15, with AVC President Jose Ignacio Carlos, AVC General Manager Arturo A. Alejar, Jr., and ISK officials led by President Kenzo Oda in attendance.

Resins grew its core business in the late nineties, spinning off its manufacturing operations in 1997 to form the subsidiary RI Chemical Corporation, which earned several ISO certifications and re-certifications for its facilities.

In 2006, Resins established Claveria Tree Nursery Inc., which develops fast-growing, quality clone tree seedlings to help increase the income of tree growers and mitigate climate change.

Resins celebrates its 55th year having proven true to its commitment to make “quality a way of life” and continuously improve “the capability and safety of our products, plants, and processes, as we seek to create value for our customers and ourselves.”